Ashley Kurpiel
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Introducing... Ashley Kurpiel

Location:  Atlanta, GA
Date of Amputation/Cause:    Nov. 1984 (one month shy if my 3rd birthday). Doctors said it was cancer, amputated my right arm/shoulder. Just 5 months after the amputation I was correctly diagnosed with a rare bone disease that affects less than 700 worldwide. Iím the only amputee with this disease.
Prosthesis:  I had 2 pros between the ages of 4-7 years old ... never again after that.
Amp Events Attended:  I've been to the ACA 2008-2009 in Atlanta. I never knew any amputee communities out there existed before 2008.  I just got back from the 2009 One Arm Dove Hunt, and Iíll be back in Olney for the 2010 hunt!
Other Information:  Iím divorced for 4 years now. I live with my parents now as with this debilitating disease, I need help caring for my personal needs.  I watch my friends 4 year old during the week and have been doing that for 2+ years now. He is a great kid!