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This site is made for arm amps by arm amps.  We are here to help new arm amps to deal with their new body form along with offering tried and true tips and suggestions.  

Here you will find profiles of other arm amputees, information on how to sign up for the ARM-AMP email list, and links to information you may find useful in your everyday life.

THANK YOU for taking the time to browse around our site.

Upcoming Events

06/18-21/09 ACA Annual Educational Conference 

09/10&11/10:  OADH (One Arm  Dove Hunt) It's not just to scare the doves!


If you have a child with absent or underdeveloped limbs make sure you check out 
(International Child Amputee Network)

Arm Amp was lovingly created by Bill Baughn in 1996 for his wife, Joyce, in hopes to join together and bring information to arm amputees around the world.  

For this, we thank him!

Bill Baughn
1939 - 2004
(Click here for a lovely Memorial Page dedicated to Bill Baughn)

For comments and suggestions regarding this site please E-mail
Joyce Baughn

Updated Date:  September 22, 2010
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